• Mesa Mugaritz
    • O 155
    • Hostelería
    • Encimeras inoxidable
    • O 143
    • O 148

    Mugaritz restaurant

    The works done for the restaurant Mugaritz.

    • Escalera lacada
    • Escalera lacada
    • maribel4
    • Maribel baldas
    • colgador ropa
    • escalera lacada

    Maribel clothes store

    The reform done on the Maribel clothes store, were designed by the interior designer Komodo.

    • Barandilla de diseño en inox
    • Barandilla-NAIZ
    • Escaparate-NAIZ
    • mesa peluquería
    • IMGP0335

    Hair dresser NAIZ

    The decoration done for a hair dresser called NAIZ located in the old part of San Sebastian.

    • COCINA1
    • Encimeras de cocina

    Kitchen worktops in stainless steel

    Manufacture and assembly of kitchen fronts and worktops in stainless Steel.

    • De-Dietrich--Madrid-010
    • De-Dietrich--Madrid-018
    • Muebles cocina
    • Muebles cocina
    • De-Dietrich--Madrid-003

    The exposition of Madrid

    The works done for the Dietrich exposition in Madrid.

    • Carros-Pukas
    • Carros-Pukas2
    • Carros surf

    Carriages surf boards

    This project made for Pukas of Zarautz, is for a carriage exhibitors for surf boards.